Friday 2 January 2009

Welcome 2009!

Yeah. I have to be honest, I personally don't understand the fascination with fireworks. I mean, the Sydney fireworks display cost $5 million. Why? I think that money could've been better spent. But that's just me.

New Year's Eve was a little wonky around here. A burst water pipe in the adjoining unit block caused several units to flood. A big mess that required the Fire Dept. to spend hours over there cleaning up the mess. We were without electricity for about an hour. :/ Not a nice thing to happen to anyone.

Then last night, hubby and I were getting ready for bed just after midnight and the lights went out. Total blackout, and not just our block. We called the electricity emergency number and a pre-recorded message claimed that a bunch of suburbs were affected. Ours included. The electricity didn't come back until just before 6AM this morning. Gosh.

Not a very good start to the year. It's amazing how dark and quiet it is without any electricity. A little eerie. And damn annoying just how much we depend on it.

Anyway. On a better note, I did get through the first re-write round of the novella I'm re-working at the moment. The word count went up from about 29k to 35,618. At the moment. Still, it's not about the word count, it's about fixing and strengthening the story. I'm much happier with how it turned out. It'll be good to have the weekend away from it. Then I'll probably get stuck into it again.

This weekend's gonna be a busy one for us. We're gonna buy some bookshelves and set them up in our room. Can't wait to get my books sorted out. I'm going to set up a catalogue, and get really tough about the ones I keep. Have to. There are just too many books, otherwise. It's insane.

Okay. Have a great weekend!


K. said...

Sounds like you had an eventful New Years, LOL. I got bookshelves, too, so I've been organizing my books -- I find doing so to be incredibly fun and relaxing. :D Just being around all those books . . . ~sigh~

Here's hoping you have a fabulous 2009, Yolanda!

Yolanda Sfetsos said...

I've just gotten through sorting out the books on my new shelves, and I agree, it's so cool being surrounded by books. :) But tiring. Lol.

You too, Kelly!

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