Monday 8 September 2008

Week 2 of my first draft...

Well, how was your weekend? Mine was very relaxing, although I did get a few things done. :) No writing, though. And we didn't really watch any movies. After the looooong week of work the hubby had, he was so tired. Can't say I blame him, he only got out before midnight one day out of five. That totally sucks!

Saturday was pretty yucky outside, so we stayed indoors all day. I read a book over the weekend too (check below), but the sun was out yesterday, so we continued our lovely walks by the river. I love walking around here. It's lovely.

I got stuck into the writing this morning. I'm taking a short break now so that the lappy's battery can charge up a bit. But here's where I am at the moment:

I met my target for today already, so that's cool. There are all these bits and pieces circling around inside my head, and I finally had the chance to grab one and write about it. I'm also trying to write everything down as it comes because I'm so scared of losing something vital. Lol. Hate it when that happens, and I've got a few things up in the air for this tale.

This morning we got up early and did some yoga. That always helps get energised for the day. The hubby went into work earlier today, so hopefully he'll get out earlier too.

Well, not much more to chat about today. I hope you're all doing great. :D

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