Monday 15 September 2008

Feelin' good

This picture has nothing to do with the story I'm writing at the moment, but you know, it's lovely. I couldn't help but post it here today. :) Anyone getting inspired yet? :)

So, how was everyone's weekend? We had another relaxing one. Picked up several books from my fave bookstore on Saturday, watched several footy games, did some weights, went for some walks, and I got a bunch of reading done, too. It was fun. They always are, right? Oh, we also had to pop into a local school to vote. It was one of those council election-thingies this weekend in NSW.

We've been having some beautiful, beautiful spring weather. I'm SO excited. I've missed this so much. Don't know why, but I'm usually in a great mood during spring and summer. I just LOVE the warm weather. Everything feels better in summer. ;)

This week, the hubby starts later and gets home later. It sucks that he won't be home until sometime after 10pm but at least we get to spend some time together in the morning/afternoon. Therefore, this week I'll be getting the majority of my writing done at night. So, this is all I managed this afternoon:
Not a great amount of progress, but I'm still aiming to get to 44k later tonight. Fingers crossed. I like where I stopped, mid-chapter. I know where I'm going for the next two/three chapters too. I took a few notes over the weekend and did a little more research. See, there was this strange new subplot that came from nowhere and I have to fine-tune the specifics. To do that, I needed to research a certain type of something. I think I've got it now, and it'll hopefully lead into the major plotline for part 2. That's exciting. Oh, and you know what? The romantic involvement in this novel is now turning into an entanglement... can't complain about that.

Okay, it's time to get going now.

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