Sunday 14 September 2008


Stephanie Plum has a way of attracting danger, lunatics, oddballs, bad luck... and mystery men. And no one is more mysterious than the unmentionable Diesel. He's back and hot on the trail of a little man in green pants who's lost a giant bag of money. Problem is the money isn't exactly lost. Stephanie's Grandma Mazur has found it, and like any good Jersey senior citizen she's high-tailed it in a Winnebago to Atlantic City and hit the slots. With Lula and Connie in tow, Stephanie attempts to bring Grandma home. But the luck of the Irish is rubbing off on everyone. Lula's found a job modeling plus size lingerie. Connie's found a guy. Diesel's found Stephanie. And Stephanie has found herself in over her head with a caper involving thrice stolen money, a racehorse, a car chase and a bad case of hives.

You know, I wasn't planning to read this in one sitting, but that's exactly what I did. I picked it up off the shelf to check out the beginning and two hours later, I'd finished it. Oh, but I can't leave out that several tears were shed during the reading of this book because I was laughing so hard. :D

Take Stephanie, Lula, Connie and Grandma Mazur, throw in a good dose of Diesel and a little guy who thinks he's a leprechaun and you've got a hilariously wild ride that takes us to Atlantic City. There's also a horse in trouble, who presents some very funny situations.

My gosh, this was a fantastic read. I LOVED it!

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