Monday 5 May 2008

Watched Iron Man!

And... I loved it! Honestly, it was great! Okay, it's much better than great. Robert Downey Jr. was absolutely fantastic. I think he deserves every bit of praise he gets. The story was really cool too, and the special effects - wow. I enjoyed everything about it. And what about that little bit at the end after the credits, huh?! EXCELLENT. I can't wait to see what happens there. Looking forward to it.

The rest of the weekend was really great too. I love the weekends. :)

Unfortunately, we watched AvP Requiem. OMG. Who the hell thought this would be a good idea to make? I mean, I really love the Alien series and Predator. Hell, AvP wasn't so bad either. But this one was absolutely awful. All the human characters were weak and annoying. I was hoping the aliens got them, but didn't really care either way. And some of the subject matter they decided to tackle was so no-no, IMO. Things like babies and pregnant women. Ugh. I didn't like anything about this movie. Even the Predator, which I thought might be the one good thing in it, turned out to be a disappointment. I don't know why they made this crap, but I will now forget I ever watched it. *deleting from memory*

I got a bunch of books on Saturday. New books always make me happy. I got these: Under Darkness by Savannah Russe, Hungers of the Heart by Jenna Black, Armed & Magical by Lisa Shearin and Playing with Fire by Katie MacAlister. I'm still waiting for three more. ;) Oh, and I popped into the eHarlequin store and picked up The Darkest Fire by Gena Showalter and Racing the Moon by Michele Hauf. I can't wait to read them. All of them. :D

Oh, and BTW, Racing the Moon is the very first Nocturne Bites eBook. You've gotta check it out. At the moment you can buy it for 89c. My gosh. How can you pass it up? Michele writes some awesome tales. I can't wait to read it. I'm just in the middle of Under Darkness at the moment, but after this one, I'll be reading both of the eHarlequin Books.

Time to go now. :)


D Carney said...

Alright Yo. Just because of your rave review, I'm going to convince hubby to go see Ironman either today or tomorrow. The pressure is on! :D

D Carney said...

I'm back from seeing the movie and YES! It was fantastic. Good call!!

Yolanda Sfetsos said...

Dee, I'm SO glad you enjoyed it! I love me some superheroes, and Iron Man was awesome! :D

Glad you enjoyed it too.

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