Tuesday 6 May 2008

Revision, edits and The Happening

Wow. This is such a lovely picture. And you know, it has something to do with the story I'm currently revising. :) Speaking of which, I'm now up to page 74/179. Yeah, this one's a little longer. It was the 40k BIAM I took part in several months back. And I'm having a lot of fun with it.

But I won't be working on it tonight. Tonight I've got to get started on the second edits for Promise In Eden. I'd like to get halfway through it before the day is done, so I can finish it tomorrow night and send it back to my editor.

You know, I've been looking at the calendar a lot lately. The year is once again moving a little faster than I would like it to. :/ I mean, I can't believe we're almost halfway through it. It's insane! Anyway, the reason why I've been looking at the calendar is because I've been trying to plan what I'm going to work on for the next few months. I was initially going to spend May revising and then get stuck into a new first draft novel in June. But you know, there was something about that plan that bothered me. And that's the first drafts I've got listed on the sidebar. Yeah, there's a few of them there and I think it might be better to get them completed before adding more.

So, I've decided to spend May and June on revisions. Yeah. That way I can spend a little more time on clearing the list and start the next half of the year with a bunch of new projects. The thought makes me happy on several counts. For one, it'll mean I'll have finalised all the tales I've written so far this year. And secondly, the thought of new projects makes me smile. I can't wait. There are several longer ideas that are hanging to be written. Not to mention some follow up novellas I need to write. :)

Is it just me, or do you guys get excited when things click together like this? I mean, I also have to account for several edits that'll come my way. But that's fine. So far, I've already decided what I'd like to tackle every week this month. So there'll be a little leeway with June. Cool!

Oh, and before I go, have you guys seen the preview for M. Night Shyamalan's new movie? OMG! It looks awesome. Once again, it's shrouded with mystery. I just gotta know what it's about. He's tackled ghosts, superheroes, aliens, human fear, and myth... what's next??? Anyway, if you haven't seen it yet, I'm posting it here:

Does this look freaky, or what? Man, I really wanna see this. It's called THE HAPPENING, btw. :)

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