Monday 14 April 2008


Well, there goes another weekend. :/ I'm looking forward to the next one. Lol.

So, how did everyone go? I started out Friday night by getting the first draft of the story I was writing finished, yay! This is where it ended:

Not too bad. There's less room to move than I would have preferred, but it's okay. I'm looking forward to doing revision on this one. It ended up being a much better, stronger and more involved story than I first thought. And that is great! ;)

Okay, so we watched a few things over the weekend, and I finished reading a book. Now I've gotta decide what's next. I've got so many cool books on my TBR pile. Can't wait to read all of them. Anyway, here's a bit about what we watched:

Underworld - Evolution: You know, I really enjoyed this one. I thought it was better than the first one, actually. The story expanded, and I really liked what they did with it. The connection between the two main characters was also cool. I wonder if they'll make more? Cool flick!

Night at the Museum: This was a lot of fun. I laughed quite a bit in it, and the story really wasn't so bad, either. I loved the magic, and every character had a little something to make the movie better. The weakest link for me was his son. The kid couldn't act, but asides from that, everyone else was really funny. :)

The Invincible Iron Man: This wasn't that good. The animation was really nice, but the story was a little weak. I don't think the elementals were used to their full potential. Even the little twist at the end wasn't so great. Still, it's a nice warm up for the movie in May!

Hitman: I've never played this game, so I can't really compare the two but this wasn't so bad. Pretty violent and brutal, but hey, the guy's a hitman. I enjoyed it.

Of course, we also watched the latest episode of Doctor Who. This one was set in Pompeii, and man, I thought it was awesome! I loved, loved it! Is it just me, or does this show just get better and better? I can't get enough of the Doctor. Bring it on! ;)

Well, I've got my daughter home today and I haven't done anything writing wise, yet. But we did do yoga and went for a nice long walk this morning. Oh, and we also got the lappy fixed over the weekend. The other hinge decided to crack on me last week, so I couldn't shut it completely and freaked every time I opened it. Now, it's fixed. I get angry when my lappy's not in a 'healthy' condition. Lol.

I will start a new story later on. This week, I'm taking part in this BIAW challenge. Although, my story's not set during Christmas. See ya!

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