Sunday 13 April 2008


Stuntwoman Dawn Madison reluctantly returned to Hollywood to find her missing father, Frank. Instead, she found something else beneath the streets of Los Angeles—a thriving society of the undead, one she could never have imagined existed. It’s an erotic and bloody night world that Dawn came to believe cost both her father and her long-dead mother—the glamorous movie star, Eva Claremont—their lives. Still, she and Frank’s friends risked everything, pressing on with the investigation.

Now a new slaying, bearing all the marks of a vampire attack, is luring Dawn farther into the underground and deeper into the twisted lives of those who inhabit it, just as her tenuous alliances in the sunlit world begin shifting ominously. It seems she has only herself to trust and her newfound skills as a hunter to rely on.

But Dawn will find that she is not alone—although some who stand with her, stand only in the shadows…

Wow. I just finished reading this book about ten minutes ago, and once again I need to say Wow! This is the second Vampire Babylon book, which follows right after what happened in the first one, Night Rising.

In this one we find out a whole lot more about the mysterious Voice, as well as Frank. Also, there's another person that we get to find out more about. I was certainly surprised because I didn't expect it. It's such a cool twist.

Now I can't wait to see what else Dawn uncovers, and if the Underground will survive now that she knows as much as she does. Heck, I know I'm being really vague with details but if I go into it, it'll ruin everything if you haven't read it.

I also enjoyed the new mystery, of the vampire serial killer. Again, this was totally unexpected, but all so worth it in the end.

Okay, I don't want to say anymore because I'm itching to share nitty-gritty details. But if you love a good urban fantasy with a noir-mystery angle, you've gotta get into this series. Dawn is a really interesting, real and flawed character with more confusion in her life than anything else. She wants answers, but in life they're not always the easiest things to get. But boy, I wanna be in on everything she uncovers. ;)

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