Sunday 11 November 2007

Weekend Movies

So, because we had a chance to catch up on our fave TV shows during the week, we had the opportunity to catch up on some movies over the weekend. And here they are:

This movie was my pick.

I've been wanting to watch this one since my hubby told me about it, ages ago. And although Demi Moore seemed a little wooden in some areas, this was an excellent movie. We both really enjoyed it.

Rachel's a successful writer who loses her small son in an accident. Hoping to put the incident behind her and get back into writing, she heads to an isolated cottage by the sea. Here the town's people seem to be hiding something.

When she heads over to an island with a lighthouse, she meets a guy called Angus. He's cute, seems nice and they have an instant connection. Soon she forgets about the writing and gets caught up in this new romance. When she finds out that Angus apparently died seven years before, she starts to question her sanity. Is she going nuts because of her grief?

Man, the twists are really cool. Not gonna give anything away, though. :) And can you believe she still uses a typewriter? No laptop for her. LOL.

This next one was hubby's pick.

OMG! This movie was hilarious! We loved it.

Everything about it was excellent. I loved the jokes, dialogue, plot, characters - oh yeah, this one's a good one.

These two get drunk, meet at a bar and then go to her place for a one night stand. She figures she'll never have to see him again after that. Except, eight weeks later she finds out she's pregnant and decides to give him a call.

Gosh, it all goes downhill from here. So to speak. I loved his mates, they were so darn funny. Lots of laughs in this one. Just the humor guaranteed to make the hubby and I laugh our heads off. Another excellent one! Yay.

Yesterday after our walk, we popped this one into the DVD player.

I really enjoyed the first one, so I guess I shouldn't have been surprised that I enjoyed this one so much! There was some very witty dialogue. And lots of action! Plus those special effects were just awesome! Oh, but the plot was excellent too. This one was defintely another winner. Loved it.

Me lurves superhero flicks. ;)
We did watch one disappointment. Well, we didn't actually watch all of it. We stopped it halfway through. Tales From Earthsea sounded good, but it was so boring. I was yawning. Nearly fell asleep, and it gave me a headache. Oh well.

Where the hell were the dragons anyway?

At least the other three were great!

So, what movies have you been watching lately??

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