Thursday 15 November 2007


Since the feds coerced sleek New York vampire Daphne Urban into spying for the U.S., she's been part of Team Darkwing. Their latest assignment: rescue the kidnapped daughters of the city's elite.

The terrorists demand gold-and access to a military secret. So Darkwing goes on the prowl in the depraved, secret vampire underworld. It's a world of passions that Daphne has always shunned, until temptation finds her. And if she wants to save the kidnapped girls, she can't get distracted...

You know, I'm not gonna talk about this book. All I've got to say is that I loved it! This is one awesome series. Actually, it's definitely one of my most favourite. :D And I can't wait for the next one...

You gotta check out these vamps!

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