Tuesday 13 June 2006



Last night, the hubby convinced me to stay up so we could watch Australia versus Japan in the World Cup. And well, I was less than entusiastic because it meant a pretty late night... yet, as the match moved along, I found myself getting so involved... it's usually the case. The main reason I don't like sitting down to watch sporting events - they're too involving and nerve-wracking.

Anyway, Japan was up 1-0 most of the match after a controversial goal. Then, with about 8 minutes to go, Aussie player Cahill scored! We were both getting very excited by this stage. Then Cahill scored another goal -- so we were up 2-1. Wow, I can't believe it but then another player, Aloisi scored! Okay, by this time we were jumping up and down with excitement.

Australia won!

What an excellent achievement! We're all so darn proud.

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