Wednesday 14 June 2006

80s Wednesday

Ooooops, I almost forgot again...

Anyway, since the World Cup's going on at the moment my pick is:

Wiki stuff: The 1984 European Football Championship (Euro 84) final tournament was held in France. It was the 7th edition of the European Football Championship, held every four years and endorsed by UEFA. The final tournament took place between June 12 and June 27, 1984.

At the time, only eight countries took part in the final stage of the tournament, seven of which had to come through the qualifying stage. France
qualified automatically as hosts of the event.

Now, why did I pick this particular event this week? Well, there are several reasons - first one being what I said above! There's soccer fever going on around here at the moment, we're all riding high on Australia's first match win!

Anyway, 1984 was a really cool year for me. The music was great, the hair was horrid, clothes bizarre and I was still in primary school. As I recall, this was about the time my brother was playing soccer on the weekends. And he was pretty crap, to be honest with you. I was a little pissed because I knew I was a better player, but my parents wouldn't let me be on the team because I was a girl. Mind you, there was a girl on the team already and she was actually better than the boys!

According to Wikipedia, the final was: versus

France beat Spain, 2-0.

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