Sunday 11 June 2006


Okay, so I was lucky enough to be chosen as one of Michelle's viral bloggers for her upcoming book Angel With Attitude. I got to read it several weeks before its release... which is great!

Valerie Grace has fallen from Heaven and she doesn't know why. She finds herself stuck as a human and working as a maid in a motel. She's trying to do good deeds along the way, hoping to find her way back into Heaven - where life is wonderful and safe. However, there's a Tempter Demon called Nathaniel who sets his sights on her, and he's determined to tempt her into Hell. I can't go into too much detail because it would give something vital away. Trust me. Everything that happens in this book happens for a reason. Michelle's constructed a wonderful, fun plot filled with very cool characters that keep you reading page after page to see where the adventure leads to next.

Val's a likeable heroine. All she wants is to get back home. Then there's her recently-turned-into-a-rat friend. He's funny and a little perverted, but always has something witty to say! And Lloyd, ah, definitely can't say anything about him but he's awesome. You'll all get a kick out of this guy! And of course, Nathaniel... the Tempter Demon that gets her burning inside, though she's determined not to let him get what he's after. There's also the wicked and snotty Julian... lol! There are a lot of other very interesting and hilarious characters to meet, but if I get started on them, this blog entry will go on for a looooooong while.

Anyway, Valerie's life gets even more interesting when she has to venture into the Underworld to retrieve the Key to Heaven. The imagery here is wonderful, starting with a sign that says: Welcome to the Underworld.

If you're after a very cool, funny, interesting and all round FUN read, make sure you do yourself a favour and pick this book up! Honestly, you'll get a kick out of it... just when you're sure what direction the story's gonna go, it throws you somewhere completely different. There are a lot of obstacles in the way of Valerie's quest, but everything counts towards the end.

So, go ahead! Get this very cool book when it comes out next month! ;)


Lisa Pulliam said...

Great review! I can't wait to read it. I started reading it a few days ago but life interrupted me. Grrrrr. I'm planning to turn off my cell phone and lock myself in a room tonight so I can finish reading. I loved Bitten & Smitten - can't wait to read this! Michelle Rowen is fantastic!

Yolanda Sfetsos said...

Thanks Lisa! You'll enjoy this one too! It's a lot of FUN! :)

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