Saturday 29 April 2006



I thought Awaken Me Darkly was a terrific Alien Huntress novel. It couldn't possibly get better, right? Wrong! This is the second Alien book and boy was it awesome!

Eden Black is an Assassin. Also happens to be an alien, from the Raka race -- beautiful, golden skin and hair, sensual and very sought-after since they're rare on Earth. She used to be a spoilt princess but is now a deadly assassin who can definitely take care of herself. Boy can she kick butt! But when her latest target, EenLi, gets away she gets hurt and is given a partner. Lucius Adaire is human and totally infuriates her, but sets her desire ablaze at the same time. Together the two must bring down the slave trade of humans somehow being sent to other planets...

And so begins their wild, passionate, action-packed adventure.

I absolutely love this futuristic world Gena Showalter has created. It's filled with wonderful imagery that sometimes makes you forget you don't actually live there. The story captivated me so much I felt like I was in the story. And her writing style, once again wraps around you until all you wanna do is keep reading and reading... eager to find out how it all pans out.

Eden's book is well-worth the word AWESOME. If you enjoyed Mia's book, you'll love this one too! There's a bit of everything -- including the scorching sensuality between Eden and Lucius. It's delicious! Not to mention the new array of wonderful characters. Good or bad, alien or human - they're all realistic and terrific.

I highly recommend you all check out this book as soon as it's released! It's a fun, action-packed, layered sensual read with an outstanding story.

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