Wednesday 12 April 2006

80s Wednesday

Ah, who can forget this cute selection of dollies? Well actually, I did as soon as I was old enough. Lol. Though I loved this character when I was a tiny, little girl it just wasn't one of those that stayed significant for me years later. Of course, it could have something to do with wanting one so badly, for so long, but never actually getting it... or... I don't know. My daughter's got one though and it smells like strawberries -- surprise! And she's even watched a few of the DVDs.

I just can't get over how many things were around when I was a little girl that my daughter's got exposure to as well. Strange... bizarre... ;)

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Anonymous said...

The marketers for Strawberry Shortcake put their image on very high quality sheets.

I had Strawberry Shortcake sheets on my bed until I left for university. The damn things just wouldn't wear out. Fortunately, instead of sending them to university with me, Mom decided they'd served their purpose and turned them into rags. 10 years after she first bought them for me.

She may have been born in the 50's, but you'd swear she was a Depression baby.

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