Thursday 6 April 2006

Walking, walking... and more walking!

Gee. I'm tired. You have no idea how much walking I've done in the last week.

My legs are aching. I'm a little tired. Spent most of the morning walking around dropping my daughter off at school, then walking down to return some DVD hires to Blockbuster. Of course, then I had to walk back. And then take off a few hours later to pick my daughter up from school and back home. Phew! You tired yet? If you are, I guess I should leave out that I did some yoga yesterday evening and did plenty of walking too.

Okay, I'm getting exhausted just typing about it. I'm gonna stop now.

As you can see below, I finished reading Devil's Due. It hooked me in so much I couldn't help but get to the end so soon! I really enjoyed it.

The demon synopsis has been revised. Cut a lot of excess out of it but I'm still not happy with it. I think it's still a little too long. Tomorrow I'm going to take some more off, shave around the edges until I have myself a 4-5 page synopsis of the 70+k novel. Man, it's so much easier to write about than it is to actually do. The good thing is I've still got a few of these that need to be done, so I'll be getting plenty of practice. Right? Yeah, one day I'll hopefully get the hang of it.

I mean, I think the synopsis writing at the moment is good. But I want it to be great! Yeah, like to push myself a little, huh?

Watched HOUSE last night. Ooooh, what a great episode. This show truly outdoes itself every single week. And I've gotta say, I like Cameron less and less as each ep goes by. But especially with what she did this time... getting high and luring Chase into bed when she's waiting to find out if she has HIV or not. Sure, he didn't protest much but still. A very cruel thing to do to someone... wonder where that's going to go? And House. Gee, what a manipulative SOB. What he did to Stacy was terrible! But I still like him. He's hilarious and cruel and doesn't like people much, but what an awesome character they've created in Gregory House!


Anonymous said...

I love House, but I missed last nights ep. That one you described is an old episode, I think. Cameron actually gets quite sassy in the most recent episodes I've seen.

So mad I missed last night's - Michelle Trachtenburg was the patient of the week.

Yolanda Sfetsos said...

Hey Garnigal! How you doing? Because I live in Australia, we're behind compared to you guys in the US. So the episode I was talking about would be old for you guys, but it's new for us! :)

I love HOUSE too.

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