Friday 14 April 2006


So the hubby and I finally watched Peter Jackson's KING KONG last night... and loved it!

It was a moving movie. Honestly, I didn't think it would be this great! The connection between Ann and Kong was amazing and touching. And the special effects were so outstanding I kept forgetting Kong wasn't real! He looked terrific. Wow.

There were several outstanding sequences -- the stampede, the T-Rex scene (from start to finish), and of course, every time Kong was on screen.

But what I really enjoyed was the wonderful story going on around the excellent SFX. The human greed in the form of Carl Denham, the growing romance between Ann and Driscoll and of course Kong doing everything he could just to keep Ann safe. All of this at a time when the world wasn't doing so well and there were still undiscovered places on the globe.

I was very satisfied with this movie but was deeply saddened by how well the worst of human nature was captured.

Poor Kong.

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