Tuesday 7 March 2006


After today's chunk o' words:

(##============== )
9,337 / 80,000 : 11.7%

As you can guess from the post title -- it's very sunny around here, which is great. It's given me a chance to hang out a lot of washing during the last few days. It's hard to clean sheets and put them out to dry on the balcony when it's cloudy and cold. And that's the other reason why I'm enjoying the sun so much, because soon autumn will kick into gear.

So we watched a little of the Oscars last night and I gotta say - boring. Honestly, it was one set of clips after another. The host wasn't funny either, what's his name Jon Stewart or something? The Lily Tomlin and Meryl Streep handing out an award intro was funny and cleverly done. Jennifer Garner almost tripping on her dress (can't stand her!) was also funny, but other than that, not very exciting. We switched it off and went to sleep.

The writing's moving along and new things are continually forming in my mind. So I'm very excited and once again losing myself in the process of writing this new first draft.

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