Wednesday 8 March 2006

80s Wednesday

Today's star is Gizmo.

This cute little mogwai is the gorgeous star of the 1984 movie Gremlins. Look at that cute little innocent face... too bad there are certain rules associated with this delicate little creature.

Here are the precautions:

1. Never let the mogwai near bright light - especially sunlight.
2. Must not get water on the mogwai.
3. And never, ever feed the mogwai after midnight.

We all know what the results are when these rules are broken, don't we? :O

Anyway, I remember watching this movie and absolutely loving it as a kid. I actually watched it a few Christmases ago with my daughter and still enjoyed it. But this little Gizmo was what stuck with me through all these years. I always wanted a little Gizmo doll but they just looked all wrong, and very uncute. I even purchased one about seven years ago when we took a trip to Queensland and went to WB Movie World. Except, he was a little too rigid and is now in my daughter's room. So when the new dolls were released last year the hubby insisted I buy one... and ended up with three!

They sit in our room, near the computer desk to boost my productivity.

I think this is a true gem from the decade that was the 80s.

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