Monday 6 March 2006

Here we go

Okay, so there weren't any cool quizzes to do during the weekend, so I skipped it!

It's so hot today, feels like we're in the middle of summer and the sun's so bright. Gee, what are we doing to nature when the seasons don't act like they're supposed to? Makes me a little sad to think about it.

Anyway, I started vamp3 today. And here's the progress so far:

( #============== )
5,156 / 80,000 : 6.4%

I pretty much woke up with the first scene firmly inside my mind. It was so strange, but I could see and feel exactly what was going to happen and how. Even who was in it and why. When a storyline and the characters invade your dreams I guess the muse is working overtime, right? So it's probably a good thing I decided to get started today instead of next week, the old muse would've probably made me into a cranky person until I gave in!

Things are moving along nicely and I'm right in there with the character's voice like I didn't even have four days away from it.

Strange, but cool!

So did everyone have a cool weekend? Mine was nice with the hubby and daughter. My hubby finished reading demon and he really enjoyed it. Makes me smile when he enjoys it.

Anyway, got a few non-writing related things I need to get done before the hubby comes home.

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Anonymous said...

Did you watch the Academy Awards last night? Do you watch them there in Australia? We have parties here for them (in fact I threw one last night, but it was a REALLY small gathering, but very fun). I came in last place for guessing correctly.

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