Tuesday 14 March 2006


Let's start with the progress bar for today:

(#######========== )
31,106 / 80,000 : 38.9%

Terrible, horrible things are looming on the horizon of the WIP. Yikes. There's a big reason for celebration going on and everyone's excited... but what the characters don't know is that things aren't going to go like they were hoping. Agh. Nothing ever goes smoothly for the heroine, so she's not totally delusional about it. Though she keeps trying to concentrate on the good things in life (for a change).

The other night I grabbed a notecard and wrote the key points that need to be dealt with in order to finish this trilogy successfully, but still leave room for more novels. Now what I need to write down is the list in order of events!

I'm looking forward to getting stuck into it tomorrow.

We watched Supernatural last night and it was the haunted asylum episode. I thought it was great! I love anything spooky about asylums, they really open themselves up for bizarre and scary situations... and looks like Sam got a few truths out about his feelings towards his brother Dean...

So, the channel (10) which plays S, H and M is not playing any new eps for a couple of weeks because the Commonwealth Games are on another channel. So the rest of us have to suffer because they don't want to miss out on ratings. It totally sucks if you ask me. Oh well, plenty of reading time and catching up on some DVD shows with the hubby!

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