Wednesday 15 March 2006

80s Wednesday

Now, I know that technically the Wonder Woman TV show wasn't made in the 80s, but I watched it when I was a little girl. And since that was in the early 80s, I'm making Lynda Carter as Wonder Woman my 80s pick for today.

And since I'm writing about a kick-butt chick and reading about another, I thought it was only fair to pay tribute to my first introduction/exposure to kick-butt by a girl!
I used to love this show! Sure, I couldn't really tell you what any one particular episode was about but I used to love sitting down to watch this show every Saturday afternoon. I thought Wonder Woman was the coolest woman in the world and I wanted to be just like her. That spin-around-and-the-boring-clothes-go-to-be-replaced-by-her-Wonder-Woman-outfit was great stuff. I actually remember playing Wonder Woman with a friend and the spin-around consisted of taking off a jacket and we were super hero chicks! So cool, and kept us entertained for hours.
So, there you have it -- let's hear it for kick-ass chicks... they've been around for a long time!

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