Monday 13 March 2006

:( The Weekend's Over :(

Monday mornings are always like that, aren't they? Saturday and Sunday always go by so fast! Maybe it's because they're so much fun! The hubby and I only started enjoying weekends together around April last year. Before that one of us had always worked the weekends and only saw each other in the mornings, afternoons and evenings seven days a week. It was hard, but it makes the time together so much more special.

And now that we've got the weekends together it's totally amazing! And my daughter really gets a kick out of it too. We have a lot of FUN together, the three of us. Sometimes we don't even do much, but just being together is great.

We played a little MarioKart DS and even though the hubby always wins the accumulated points, I manage to give him some cool competition in a bunch of tracks. Though what's so fun about this game is that you can be the best gamer out there and still lose in certain tracks because there are mad, crazy shells opponents can shoot out at ya. And bananas littering the tracks. Oh, it's a total blast. I love it. Can't wait until my daughter can play it properly too, so we can all play against each other. At the moment she enjoys looking and cheering on. FUN.

So Supernatural, House and Medium were awesome. Of course. And I've decided to drop The Ghost Whisperer. It's really strange but there doesn't seem to be an overall arc going on with Melinda. Just a selection of random ghost encounters and a lot of regret by living and dead people alike, but not much growth. I like her husband. He's a nice, grounded character and so is she really but I find myself seeing the same thing every week without much more. Too much of a tear jerker without enough conflict in her story arc. Now, having said that, they might change it now that I've stopped watching but it's too bad.

Today I had to clear up some further probs with another mobile phone company. I'm starting to think this phone of mine is cursed or something. We tried changing providers but got the run around without access for over a week! So, now I'm back to square one. What is wrong with this mobile phone? I'm gonna have to throw it against the wall and take great joy in watching it smash into tiny pieces. Honestly, the thought's crossed my mind... a lot!

So anyway, I had a pretty good day with the writing today:

(######=========== )
27,065 / 80,000 : 33.8%

Took another direction I really didn't expect today. Found out a little something useful about one of the secondary characters. And dealt with more relationship issues, mixed with a multitude of problems than I expected during today's chunk o' words. I feel really happy with the progress and know I'm gonna be really sad when I'm finished with this novel.

Well, we did the TotalGym workout this morning, so that's really cool. Did I mention I've lost another 3 kilos during the last few weeks? It's a great feeling and the best thing is that we actually enjoy working out and going for walks every day! Plus I think it's a great thing to get our daughter used to.



Savannah Jordan said...

Sounds like a great weekend, Y! I wish I had been conscious though most of mine... I have the flu, BAD. I spent a great majority of the weekend in a stupor of drugs and discomfort. :(

I did, however manage some fair edits, so not a total loss as far as writing is concerned.

Yolanda Sfetsos said...

Damn, I hope you're feeling better now AE! That totally sucks -- no one should ever get sick on a weekend!

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