Tuesday 12 March 2024


In Excess of DarkIn Excess of Dark by Red Lagoe
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I've been looking forward to reading this novella for a while, and thanks to Red I got a chance to experience the darkness that is this brilliant story.

Karina is still dealing with the death of her father when she heads to the mountains for some family fun with her husband and teenage son. But life has a way of making her most dreaded thoughts a reality...

Wow. This is an intense story. It's also very sad and quite unsettling. The vivid, macabre imagery is as disturbing as the psychological situations Karina finds herself in. A lot of what happens is presented in a way that makes the reader question if everything she's seeing and experiencing is actually really happening. Or is everything just the delusions of a grieving woman who blames herself for all the awful things in her life?

I found this novella to be very emotional. A fever dream that you don't wake up from because things never stop coming. Karina deals with a lot, and that ending is... Yikes!

Yeah, this is an awesome and quite gruesome story. Loved it!

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