Sunday 10 March 2024

A Bit of an Update

Hey! How are you today? Long time no see. Well, I've been posting book reviews, but not much else. Why? After an extensive novel revision (Jan) followed by an extensive novel edit (Jan/Feb), my husband took a two-week break and we had an awesome time! ☺️

When he went back to work, I was initially planning to take another week off to catch up on some reading, and figure out what to work on next. Except, there were three ideas that wouldn't leave me alone. And no matter how much I tried, I just couldn't decide which one to work on next.

So, after some thinking and talking to my husband (who always helps me sort out my chaotic thoughts when they run riot) I decided to temporarily shift my focus away from these pesky ideas. Instead, I'm going to concentrate on revising my short story collection!

That's right. Late last year I went through my short stories and picked out the ones I'd like to include. So far, the collection is 76k words. This might be a bit long, or it might be perfect. I'll decide while/after completing the revision. I just need to come up with a name...

I'm actually very excited about finally tackling this. Plus, it will give me time to keep brainstorming the pesky novella ideas.

It feels great to have some direction again. And a new goal for March.

Oh, there's another thing that I wanted to mention. If you follow me on Twitter or IG then you know that one of my 'publishers' has decided to ghost me. Aesthetic Press hasn't contacted me in over eight months and has been ignoring my emails for two. It's a shitty situation, one that has given me quite a bit of stress because I feel like my Horrormance slasher is been held ransom.

But as far as I'm concerned this person has obviously walked away from their 'company' and has breached her own contract several times. No communication. No editing. No response. Disappeared from the face of the Earth. WTH is that about?! 😡 But you know what made me feel better? Picking a new name for my novel and updating all the relevant files. It's strange but doing something this simple helped me let go of some of the disappointment and anger I've been feeling about this shitty situation.

It's the little things that make a difference.

Anyway, that's about it. I just wanted to post a little something.

Have a great weekend!

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