Friday 29 September 2023

Beast of Burden...

Hey, how are you today? Well, September is coming to an end. Are you all looking forward to Halloween month? Yeah, me too. 

Today I have some news to share. My latest novella was released last weekend! ☺️🎉 

This one is a bit of horror, a little urban fantasy, and a lot of hellish chaos.

Two sisters. A demonic battle. Only one can win.

Elis and Willa are sisters, but they're definitely not friends. Elis was forced to imprison Willa because she's hellbent on destruction, but her imprisonment was never going to last forever.

Now, Elis has no other choice but to use the dark power she resents. With the help of the person who matters the most to her, she'll have to raise some hell in order to end the demonic chaos before it begins...

Read an excerpt HERE.

And you can pick up a paperback copy from Amazon.

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