Monday 2 October 2023

ANKLE SNATCHER by Grady Hendrix


Ankle Snatcher (Creature Feature collection)Ankle Snatcher by Grady Hendrix
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I chose this short story as my first spooky October read, and I'm glad I did because it was a lot of creepy fun.

Marcus is enjoying a nice second date with a girl he really likes when he shares the unfortunate story about how his father killed his mother when he was six, and blamed the boogeyman under the bed. Except, after Tess spends the night with him, things take a terrible turn...

Yikes. There's a reason why Grady Hendrix is one of my favourite authors, and this story is yet another awesome example.

I particularly liked how there's a nightmarish, delusional vibe through the whole story. It's so well written that the ambiguity works on two levels. The supernatural angle, that Marcus finally accepts he's inherited a monster under his bed from his father. As well as the reality, that what he's really inherited is of the murderous kind. So, which one is it? That ending really makes you think.

This is like a twisted bedtime story meets true crime.

I REALLY enjoyed it!

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