Monday 27 November 2023

DIRTY THIRTY by Janet Evanovich

Dirty Thirty (Stephanie Plum #30)Dirty Thirty by Janet Evanovich
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I can't believe the Stephanie Plum series is up to book 30! Wow. It's such an incredible achievement to have written this many books featuring the same main character, plus the family, friends, bad guys, and other zany Trenton residents. But you know what's even better? That after THIS many books, the series is STILL interesting and fresh.

Seriously. An amazing achievement.

When Stephanie is hired by a local jeweller to locate the guy he's convinced stole his diamonds, she accepts. But she doesn't realise that nothing is what it seems, and as she follows the clues, it only leads to more mystery...

So, what can I say about this awesome book? Well, it's another intriguing installment that puts Stephanie in plenty of danger. Her car gets ruined. Her apartment suffers, due to a bunch of different reasons. And she's still having trouble deciding which guy she really wants. It's a tough choice between Morelli and Ranger, which only gets more complicated in this book. 😳

I just love how well Evanovich always manages to weave the dark and dangerous side of things, with the lighthearted fun. I mean, there are SO many hilarious things that happen here. Do I even need to mention Lula and Grendel? Too funny.

Oh, and there's extra Bob content. Who doesn't love that adorable dog? 😅

Anyway, there's a LOT of cool and fun, even dark and nasty, stuff packed into the pages of this novel and I enjoyed every exciting moment.

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