Thursday 11 May 2023

MOTHERTHING by Ainslie Hogarth


MotherthingMotherthing by Ainslie Hogarth
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

The cover for this book grabbed my attention a while ago, and then I was intrigued by the synopsis. Yesterday, I decided it was time to read it.

In spite of living with a callous mother-in-law, Abby and her husband Ralph have a happy marriage. Until the MIL dies and haunts both of them in psychological ways that manage to disrupt their lives. Unless Abby can do something about what's going on, she might lose everything that makes her who she is...

This is one strange and interesting story, bordering on the bizarre. The kind of book that kept me glued from start to finish because I needed to find out where this was going to end.

I loved the writing style because it presented everything in such an interesting style. Quirky, in a way that revealed just how unhinged and toxic these characters really are. Unique, because the vivid descriptions dripped off every page and gave everything a surreal slant that blurs the line between what's real and what isn't.

At its core, this story is definitely a domestic psychological horror with a weird haunting trying to seep in through the broken edges. It's also the very sad story of two people who find each other and almost lose each other because they were both cursed with shitty mothers. Mothers who manipulated and neglected, controlled and harmed their children to the point of affecting their behaviours as adults.

Of course, we can't ignore the fact that Abby's intrusive and outrageous thoughts lead her to commit the unthinkable. But you know what? The way the author wrote these characters, I was just happy to follow them along until Abby's dark plan is revealed and delivered. Love an unpredictable narrator.

There's nothing I like more in fiction than complicated women, so I enjoyed the hell out of this twisted tale!

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