Wednesday 1 March 2023



This is Where We Talk Things OutThis is Where We Talk Things Out by Caitlin Marceau
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I've been meaning to check this out for a while now, so I picked it up last night and read it in one sitting.

Since Miller's father died, she's kept her distance from her controlling mother. She has a nice life and is about to marry her girlfriend. But when her mother, Sylvie, starts stalking her online, she agrees to go away for a weekend to mend their relationship. And unfortunately, no good deed goes unpunished...

Wow. This story is heavy. Not only in the deep psychological stakes that keep mounting with every chapter, but also because the sheer horror of the situation Miller finds herself in is one that some of us have unfortunately experienced to some extent. 😳

There's a lot about this very-well written novella that gets under your skin. Sylvie is a master class in gaslighting and made my blood boil. What she puts her daughter through is infuriating. Grrrr. As for Miller, I felt so bad for her. All she wanted to do was give her mother one last chance, and instead ends up starring in her own horror show!

I really enjoyed this creepy little tale of familial horrors, and the ending is fucking chilling. SO DAMN CREEPY.

Anyway, you should definitely check out this screwed-up tale full of guilt trips and emotional manipulation.

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