Friday 24 February 2023

THE GOONIES by James Kahn


GooniesGoonies by James Kahn
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The Goonies is one of my favourite movies. A movie I've watched countless of times and has chased me from childhood all the way into adulthood. We even watched it with our daughter when she was a kid. Actually, we watched it again last Christmas. 😁

I didn't know there was a novelisation of the movie until a few years ago, but couldn't find the paperback anywhere. Well, a few weeks ago I decided to check the Kindle store and there it was! Instant buy, of course. Especially since I read and enjoyed the hell out of The Gremlins novel.

80s novelisations are WILD!

Okay, back to this book. LOL.

Most of the story is the same as the movie, but there are some variations that stand out. A scene early on in a convenience store where Troy the Jerk, Andy and Stef are first introduced. Brand's claustrophobia. Mikey's secret crush on Andy, and his sense of wonder in everything he sees/does. Plus, leeches, creepy mist, a giant squid, and a bunch of other variations. That I liked, btw.

Also, the whole book is narrated in Mikey's first-person POV, so we get to know him very well. He's also the one who fills in the blanks after other characters tell him what happened. Chunk's story, for example.

I'm actually really glad I read this because it was a LOT of fun. It was a great novelisation of the movie. There were a few typos throughout, which I suspect happened when they formatted from paperback to Kindle. And a strangely-placed series of pages in the middle with pictures that didn't translate well on my Paperwhite. Probably for the same reason.

But these are pesky things that don't get in the way. This is a great novel! And I REALLY enjoyed the laidback narrative style. It fit Mikey, the story, and the adventure. Not to mention the unexpected cheekiness that is so 80s! 😅

Goonies never say die.

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