Friday 3 March 2023

THE GROWTH by Adam Hulse


The GrowthThe Growth by Adam Hulse
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Well, that was a fast-paced blast of a story! It's packed full of action. I couldn't put it down until I reached The End. 😳

While clearing out a fatberg from the sewers, the cleaning team discover something monstrous lurking beneath the city. Dubbed The Growth by the media, it doesn't take long for this blob to take over the entire country. And for humanity to collapse...

Yikes! Like I said above, I enjoyed the hell out of this story. I enjoyed the introduction of different characters that eventually lead into the very serious problem plaguing the UK, before settling into the POV of three outstanding characters.

Emma is a fighter searching for the woman she loves. Tax is a tough man who finds himself alone and without purpose. Kevin is convinced he's a coward, but is determined to try and make a scientific difference against this monster. I liked these three so much!

One thing that never fails to be true is that during an apocalyptic event, the monster/s isn't going to be the only threat. And I liked how well this is portrayed in this novella. The violent, perverted, and religious freaks are littered throughout the landscape and pose a terrifying threat.

I think this is an excellent apocalyptic story that introduces the reader to an alternate, and totally awful, version of our world. Yet, the most horrifying thing is how easy it would be for us to find ourselves in a similar situation. I mean, we're constantly polluting our waterways and sewers.

Also, the ending left me wondering about several things... Can't wait to read the second one! 💀

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