Monday 6 March 2023

Cover Reveal!


In case you missed it, the awesome cover for my upcoming DarkLit Press horror novella was revealed at Uncomfortably Dark over the weekend.


Isn't this work of art wickedly dark? 

This beautiful cover was made by Truborn Design and Kristina totally nailed the eerie atmosphere of my story.

Here's the synopsis:

Kae Roscoe's daughter went missing in the woods sixteen months ago but when she returns, she's not the same person. She hardly speaks, doesn't eat, responds with extreme violence, and things get worse when she's released from the hospital. There's definitely something very different about Molly, and her reappearance is making strange things happen to everyone around her.

Did you read the amazing blurbs listed at Uncomfortably Dark from a bunch of awesome authors? I was very lucky to get such wonderful blurbs from authors I admire.

I'm SO excited and can't wait until this book is out in the wild!

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