Wednesday 22 February 2023

LOVE, PAMELA by Pamela Anderson


Love, Pamela: Her new memoir, taking control of her own narrative for the first timeLove, Pamela: Her new memoir, taking control of her own narrative for the first time by Pamela Anderson
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I have to admit, I'm not sure why I was interested in reading this memoir. I mean, I am from a generation that remembers the huge phenomenon that was Baywatch, and because of that, I was aware of Pamela Anderson. It was hard not to know who she was because for a while there, she was everywhere.

Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee. Pamela Anderson and Kelly Slater. Pamela Anderson and Kid Rock. It seemed like she was known for the men in her life as much as she was for her work. Which might be why I'm not what you'd consider an actual fan.

Then, she faded away but resurfaced after that movie was released. The fact she wanted to tell her story, her way, is what drew me to this book. And I think it started out pretty strong. I enjoyed the way she blended poetry into the narrative, the introduction to her family's origins, and her honesty. But unfortunately, as the book moved along, I started to lose interest.

I think my problem is that sometimes, especially during the last half of the book, she seemed to speed through and skim past a lot. Everything moved too fast, and in the end, lacked emotional engagement. I just couldn't connect entirely.

The best thing about this memoir is that Pamela never hides behind her decisions and choices. Especially since she made so many questionable choices along the way. I mean, Tommy Lee? 😧

Anyway, maybe I wasn't the right audience. I don't know.

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