Friday 4 March 2022

IN THE ARTIC SUN by Rowan Hill


In the Arctic SunIn the Arctic Sun by Rowan Hill
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I pre-ordered this novella and it hit my Paperwhite last week, so I was eager to get stuck into it. The premise sounded so intriguing.

Sarah lives in Alaska, isolated from the world after her husband and her exchanged the fast-paced city life for something quieter. But their marriage has hit a stumbling block and she's living alone. Well, as alone as she can be with the bright orb of the sun burning in the sky all day, constant drilling, a new neighbour, and some kind of creature...

From the moment I started, I fell into Sarah's quiet, but disturbing existence. I felt her agony at having to deal with the sun all day. Could feel how cheated she was by the isolation that had slowly become a trap, instead of a comfort. Understood her anger at a partner who should still be with her, while she found a distraction in a new, younger man.

Not to mention whatever had wormed its way into her basement. 😱

And then, somewhere along the way... everything changed. I started doubting everyone, but still felt sorry for Sarah because no one believed her. No one was there to witness the terrifying stuff.

I really enjoyed this psychological horror tale with such slow-burn dread dripping from every page. This story will keep you guessing until the end, and even then you'll be questioning the ambiguity.

Great debut!

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