Tuesday 8 March 2022

DEAD TO HER by Sarah Pinborough


Dead to HerDead to Her by Sarah Pinborough
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I always love reading a Sarah Pinborough book because she never disappoints. Her stories hook me in from the very beginning, and this was no different.

Marcie is married to Jason Maddox and is part of Savannah's high-society, but has several secrets stashed away. Keisha is William Radford IV's new young bride, living in the shadow of his dead wife, trying to live this unfamiliar life for the sake of survival and escape. But when one woman suspects the other of malicious intent and they strike up an uneasy friendship, it can only lead to trouble...

Wow. Fantastic.

Like I said above, this author sure knows how to drag me headfirst into a story. Even though these rich, arrogant and mostly clueless rich people all lead lives most of us are not familiar with, I couldn't help but become addicted to their shallow existence. And the best thing about these kinds of stories is that there are always wicked secrets stashed away in the past, wicked plans to ruin someone, and plenty of wickedness buried beneath the surface.

Yep, wicked is definitely the word that comes to mind for this particular story.

Watching how the shiny shimmer is slowly tarnished to reveal the true, ugly stuff beneath turned out to be both fun and disturbing. Plus, SO addictive. I couldn't stop reading because the layers of what's really rotten and wrong with these characters slowly reveals itself.

Not to mention the twists. So many awesome twists. There were quite a few, starting with what ends up happening between Marcie and Keisha. And voodoo. Did I mention how well this is woven into everything?

Another thing that I enjoyed was the sense of location. Savannah is a place that has always intrigued me and the vivid descriptions fly off the page. Loved it!

No one writes awful, despicable characters that you dislike so much you HAVE TO KEEP READING, like Sarah Pinborough.

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