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The Immortal Conquistador (Kitty Norville #15)The Immortal Conquistador by Carrie Vaughn
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I recently finished reading the Kitty Norville UF series, so I was very excited about reading this book.

Ricardo de Avila, also known as Rick the former Master of Denver and new member of the Order of Saint Lazarus of the Shadows, is one of those interesting characters that always stands out. He's different and a trusty ally, plus one of Kitty's good friends. Reading about his early life, how he became a vampire and the hardships he was forced to endure just to be left alone because he wanted to live his own vampiric life, was a truly awesome experience.

The book is broken up into four parts and each follows Ricardo through the centuries. Every single one is as good as the one before and helped me to get to know Rick in such intimate detail, that it confirmed he really is nothing like other vampires.

While he might be considered cursed and thought of as a monster, he kept his wits and is a kind-hearted being who never forgot his faith and saw humans as friends rather than slaves. He also stumbled into some pretty fantastic situations and never once realised how strong and powerful he really is. He's totally kick-ass, too.

He's a vampire who doesn't like other vamps and refuses to put up with their BS.

Yeah, I love Rick. He's such a lovely character.

Oh, and I a got a real kick out of the Doc Holliday tale. It was SO much cowboy fun! 🤠

I enjoyed this book A LOT. It's one of the best origin stories I've read. A lot of times I feel origin stories ruin secondary characters, but this one deepened and strengthened one of my favourite vampires.

One last thing, asides from how wonderful this book really is, I also thought the writing was fantastic!

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