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Girls with Rebel SoulsGirls with Rebel Souls by Suzanne Young
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This is the last book in this very awesome trilogy and I've been looking forward to finding out where Mena's story takes her and her friends.

After what happened at Innovation Academy and Ridgeview Prep, Mena and the other girls—Sydney, Marcella, Brynn and Annalise—want to destroy the investors and finally get their freedom. But they can't trust anyone because everyone seems to have their own agenda, and someone is always one step ahead of them...

THIS BOOK IS SO GOOD! Like the other two, this one is another powerful addition to a totally awesome feminist SF story. A cautionary tale about what can happen if women's right are slowly stripped away.

Once again, the story starts where the second one ended and Mena finds herself in a very violent situation. And because of this she suffers both physical and mental pain that drives her to complete their impossible and complicated mission. But of course, things are never easy and not only do they have to split up, but face betrayal, lies and utter confusion.

Still, this is the final book so we do get explanations, revelations and closure. Plus the ultimate sacrifice. Oh, and an Epilogue that I wasn't expecting but really enjoyed. 😳

I think this trilogy did an awesome job at capturing just how toxic and dangerous the patriarchy can become if it's not reeled in. How easily girls and women become throwaway items, to the point where violence and murder against them is accepted by both genders. Because the patriarchy poisons a lot of women as well, and they can be so much worse than the men oppressing them.

Another thing I loved about this book is the strong and powerful sense of sisterhood between the main group of girls. And how they don't lump all boys and men into the same category. It's very cool because they're all so clever and crafty.

I had a great time reading these books because they were fun, deep, infuriating, awesome and these characters were definitely worth cheering for. Suzanne Young also did a formidable job at mirroring the awful things women have to put up with in our own world and provided a dark and entertaining tale.

Terrific trilogy!

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