Thursday 17 June 2021

June's Revision Begins...

Hey! How are you today? Long time no blog. 😁

I actually took a two week mental break and spent most of it reading, sorting my stationery and prepping for the next revision project. That's right! This week started with a public holiday, and then I got stuck into another first draft.

I'm really determined to stick to my 2021 Revision Plans.

The word count for Victoria started at 50,263. This is actually a story I wrote back in September 2019, so getting into the groove of this narrator's life took a few days. But once I got stuck into the middle of all the creepy weirdness, I enjoyed catching up with these characters and their bleak world.

This is actually a nightmarish gothic horror story featuring a house full of shadows. It's a haunted house tale. It feels like being stuck in a fever dream. And it's also got a touch of mythology. Plus deals with love, family and friendship. 

Here's my progress: 
  • Tuesday: 47/134pgs (50,716w)
  • Wednesday: 90/137pgs (52,116w)
  • Thursday: 141pgs / 52,786w

It's great to be working on this novel again because it's one I really enjoyed writing. Going back to it after such a long stretch of time means there's a lot I don't remember, so it was full of surprises. It's also not as rough as I was expecting. Of course there were plenty of bits to cut, a nice chunk of additions, and plenty of dark imagery as well as emotion and consequence to be smoothed out.

My favourite thing about it is how bizarre everything feels. It's a bleak story full of hope. A claustrophobic story in search of freedom. I'm going to enjoy layering even more during the next draft. Just like I'm enjoying layering this blog post with so many descriptions.

Well, I'm going to rest my brain for the next three days and will hit the third draft on Monday. Really looking forward to it, but for now it's time to have a break. 😄

Have a great day!

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