Thursday 13 May 2021

May's Revision Begins...

Hey! How are you today, and how's your week going? I spent mine doing a bit of revision.

Yep. It was definitely time to get stuck into my 2021 Revision Plans. Well, technically I started last month by completing the edit of Wall of Dolls, but this month I'm starting on the many first drafts I've been neglecting for several years. And I started with my 2020 NaNoWriMo novel.

The first draft word count for Destiny was 65,560. It was a story that started out with a small and simple idea about a creepy abandoned town in the middle of nowhere and became so much more. Several new pivotal characters popped up while writing the first draft, the antagonist became something else, and my main girl's voice was strong and a lot of fun.

Don't be fooled by my mention of fun, though. This is a horror story with urban fantasy elements. Or is it an urban fantasy with horror elements? Either way works for me because there's plenty of violent imagery and horrid situations. Plus, there are several relationships: familial, romantic and friendship.

Here's my progress: 

  • Monday: 51/164pgs (66,710w)
  • Tuesday: 112/166pgs (66,699w)
  • Wednesday: 160/165pgs (67,048w)
  • Thursday: 167pgs / 67,805w

I'm glad I decided to work on this WIP now because it was totally the right time. I know it might sound strange to say that, but sometimes you just know/feel when it's time to tackle a certain project. And this week was definitely Destiny's time.

Usually, during the second draft I develop a hate-love relationship with the story and question why I bothered to write it in the first place. Then I fall in love with it again during the third draft. But this time, I was feeling the story all the way through. Of course, I still made plenty of changes, additions, cleaned up the draft and deleted chunks. 

I'm really excited about this story and even though I just finished the second draft, I'm looking forward to tackling the next one. Not sure if I'll take the rest of the week and weekend off, or the whole week. I'll need to consult the calendar, but either way my goal is to have this novel finished by the end of May.🤞

Anyway, I'm going to take it easy for a bit.

Have a nice day!

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