Friday 16 April 2021



The Cockroach KingThe Cockroach King by Andrew Cull
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I've been busy working on edits all week so I didn't get a chance to read anything. But today, while sorting the books on my Paperwhite, this caught my eye and I decided to read it.

Cassie is very excited about buying a house she hopes will be a fresh start. A place where her miracle baby Sam can grow up in. And she owes it all to the mother she misses like crazy after cancer took her. Everything about the house seems great. Until her friend unearths bones in the backyard and cockroaches start to appear everywhere...

Holy shit! This novella packs quite a squirmy punch, that's for sure. I was hooked from the beginning and loved how thick the malice of impending dread was instantly introduced.

I knew Cassie's story was going to be a creepy one, but I didn't expect to become so emotionally invested. All she wanted was to lead an average life and offer her son a wonderful home. Yet, that horrible house had other ideas. Oh, and I loved the ending.

Also, imagine making cockroaches even worse by giving them a supernatural angle. 😵

Out of all the bugs in the world, cockroaches are the ones I can't stand because they're useless. They have no purpose other than to be disgusting pests. And because of this, I found this story even more horrific. I was definitely freaked out and kept getting that phantom itch one gets whenever they imagine a bug nearby. Gross!

I really enjoyed this excellent novella.

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