Saturday 24 April 2021

IMPOSTORS by Scott Westerfeld


Impostors (Impostors, #1)Impostors by Scott Westerfeld
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The other day I stumbled on Bogus to Bubbly, which happens to be a guide book for the Uglies series. That reminded me how much I loved those four books, and then I found out there were going to be another four books set in the same world.

So, after a little push from hubby, I decided to go for a test hoverboard ride and couldn't get off. 😁

Frey and Rafi are twins. Except, Rafi was raised in the limelight and Frey was kept hidden. She was trained to be a killer, to protect her sister and be her body double. A devious plan her tyrant of a father devised from birth.

When Frey is sent on a mission to a nearby city pretending to be her sister, she meets Col and gets the chance to be herself. But her freedom is short-lived when she finds herself in the middle of a war...

Wow. Talk about being instantly hooked!

Seriously, I picked this up with the intention of reading a few chapters to get a feel and before I realised it, I'd already read 50 pages! 😳

The chapters are short and snappy. The pace is fast and engrossing. The story is so action-packed I couldn't stop reading. The tension keeps mounting. The emotional connection between Frey and Col is sweet and pure, even when they encounter so much deception at every turn.

Frey's voice turned out to be as interesting as Tally's, absolutely hooked me right away. This poor girl goes through a lot of stuff. The fact she's treated like her sister's body double instead of an independent person is heartbreaking. Their father is actually a terrible man who under the veneer of grief ended up having daughters he treated like tools. So sad and sickening, such greedy ambition to manipulate everyone.

I had such a great time returning to this world and was intrigued about everything that was going on. Funny how rebellions, while necessary, often end up creating different problems. And that's what's so awesome about this book. Even though everything appears so familiar, it's an entirely different story. Love it.

After that ending, I need to find out what happens next! 😳

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