Tuesday 16 March 2021



The Legacy of Merlin (Charmed, #8)The Legacy of Merlin by Eloise Flood
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

After reading The Power of Three last month and enjoying it so much, I couldn't wait to check this one out. Unlike the first book, this isn't an episode of the show. It's actually a story that takes place between episodes in season two.

The Halliwell sisters are in King Arthur country looking for different things. Prue is hoping to find some antique book deals for a client. Piper is trying to come to terms with Leo's job and his absence. Phoebe's excited because she loves Merlin. But what all of them find is an unexpected danger that might just steal one of their hearts...

Yep, this was another awesome Charmed book! It's fun, fast-paced and mysterious. I was totally invested and hooked from the very beginning. It's a quick and comforting read I would've finished in one sitting if I hadn't run out of time yesterday.

I'm a fan of Charmed, so these books are a perfect way to catch up with the Charmed Ones and read some of their adventures out of the series. Although, this would've been a great episode because it captured the essence of the show very well.

Prue takes her sisters with her overseas, but she's on a mission to secure antiques. Piper might be sad about what's going on with Leo, but she finds herself in a botched love spell. Phoebe might be interested in the legend of Merlin but never expected to fall for someone connected to him. And no matter where they go, these sisters always find themselves in the middle of a magical mess.

I also liked the easygoing writing style of this author and how we get to see the POV of each sister.

Definitely interested in reading more!

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