Friday 12 March 2021

Revision Time!

Hi, how's it going? Is everyone having a good month so far? Can you believe we're almost halfway through March? Yikes. The year sure is moving along pretty quickly. Wish this stupid pandemic would go away just as fast. Hasn't it done enough damage already? 😒

Anyway, as you might have read last week, I managed to finish my first first draft of the year. Yay. And this week, I set myself the goal of revising/completing the novella by Friday.

Well, today is Friday and here's how it went:
  • Monday: Second draft done @ 18,739 / 45pgs
  • Tuesday: Took break to read
  • Wednesday: Third draft done @ 19,189 / 48pgs
  • Thursday: Took break to read
  • Friday: Read-thru done @ 19,173w / 48pgs

I'm really excited about getting this project done. Not just because it means that I met my personal goal, but also because this story is one I've had in my head for several months and I had to get it outta there. Also, it turned out so much darker and better than I expected. 

This weird little tale is quite the feminist psychological horror and I loved writing/revising it. I'm not sure if there's a market for this story because it's under 20k, but right now that's not important because I finished it! And that's all that matters. 😄

Asides from all this revising, I also read two excellent books:

They were very different books, but I LOVED both of them because they were SO awesome.

With the reading and the writing, plus the everyday stuff, there's not much room for anything else, but we're still going for two walks a day (sometimes three) and squeezing in yoga workouts whenever we can.

Oh, and we're still watching and absolutely loving The Office. We just finished S7 and will be hitting S8 soon. I'm still very much into this show because I adore these characters. And I can't believe I actually miss that douche Michael Scott. LOL. Can't wait to see what happens next...

Now, I'm going to take a nice weekend break with hubby. As for next week, I think it's time to grab my notebook so I can make a Writing Projects Plan. 

Have an awesome weekend!

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