Saturday 30 January 2021

THE WIRED CITY is now available!


My Weird. Wonderful. Other Worlds. novella is now available from Demain Publishing.

Tolliver is caught in a cycle of boredom she desperately wants to escape. She hates her job writing silly slogans, doesn’t have any friends, and lives in a crowded city full of mindless androids.

When she stumbles on a mysterious classifieds message specifically targeted at her, Tolliver decides to leave her claustrophobic unit and finds herself in an unexpected adventure. A seemingly simple task leads her to a conspiracy theory that will put her life in danger, introduce her to a lot of potential friends, and some hard truths that circle back to her.

You can grab a copy from: 

 You can also: 

I've said this twice before and I'll say it again: I REALLY love the cover Adrian Baldwin made for Tolli's novella. This time, he actually created a poster mentioned in the story! It's so amazing to see such perfect attention to detail.   

THE WIRED CITY is a bit SF, a bit cyberpunk, has a bunch of robots and is definitely dark. 🤖 

Tolliver starts out disillusioned and bored, wishing for adventure. And when she finds it, she never expected to find herself caught in the middle of a dangerous situation. 

I'm so excited about sharing this story, and very happy to have another book released by Demain Publishing. 


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