Thursday 7 January 2021

A Productive Start to the New Year...

I hope you all enjoyed a nice and relaxing Happy New Year! 🎉

So, 2021 is finally here and so far, it looks exactly the same as 2020. Most mornings it's hard to remember what day it is, Covid-19 is still infecting the world, right-wing governments DGAF, and people are still acting like violent assholes. 😑

I knew there wouldn't be a magical switch at midnight, but I was hoping people would at least start behaving better. And of course, I was wrong.


I was expecting to start this week with not much more than sporadic reading, some show watching and story idea dreaming. Instead, I spent the second day of the year working on edits for an upcoming novella. The next day, I answered interview questions, and the day after that I kinda overcame my aversion to hearing my voice by recording a short story excerpt. 😮

Yeah. There was quite a bit to get through but it felt SO GOOD to actually get all of this done. I seriously didn't expect to be this productive. LOL.

I also wrote and posted my annual New Year blog posts:

I love starting the year with these. It just feels right. A way of saying goodbye to 2020 and moving into 2021. 😍

Asides from all of the above, I also got stuck into several very awesome books. And remembered there's a very good reason why I love reading YA horror written by women. So far, HARROW LAKE and THE RULES FOR VANISHING did a great job reminding me.

We also watched the final season of Chilling Tales of Sabrina. I LOVE this show because it doesn't shy away from the dark and gory. It's also so much fun and such a great feminist show full of witchy goodness. Plus, the aesthetics happens to be Every Day is Halloween and I'm totally there for that look. Every single day. 🎃

It's sad to see it go and The End turned out to be pretty tragic, but I'm happy with how Sabrina's story was told during these four seasons. 😢

Well, that's it for now.

Try to have a nice week!

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