Thursday 24 December 2020

Just because...

Yesterday, I posted this on Twitter:


That's right. After calling my slasher novel complete last week, I decided to grab my Paperwhite and re-read it. 😁

I know, it was supposed to be done and I was sure I'd moved on, but I was wrong. There was a little voice inside my head telling me to check it out one more time. To make sure that all the last-minute changes blended into the rest of the story seamlessly. And while most did, I found there were a few sections that needed the tiniest of tweaks.

To be honest, the final version would've worked just fine as it was but the things I found and smoothed out this week made the story stronger, better. And most importantly, FINALLY made me happy. 😍

I'm very proud of this novel. I've been a huge slasher fan since the 80s and this story is my love letter to this subgenre. I hope to one day share it with the world. 

But for now, I'm super excited to be done. Again. 

I'm going to miss these characters because they really got under my skin during the writing and revision process. Maybe that's why I kept going back.

Maybe I should check it out one last time... Just kidding. 🤣

It's really done this time. You know how I know for sure? Because my brain is now ready to start thinking about other stories. 👀

Well, that's it for now.

Hope you enjoyed this unexpected update!

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