Tuesday 21 July 2020


Unnatural Deeds
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

You know, I just wanted to get a taste of this book because it sounded so intriguing. Just wanted to see if it would interest me as much as I thought it would, and I couldn't put it down.

Victoria has several problems: a boyfriend who doesn't leave the house and is putting up with an abusive stepfather, she gets anxious a lot, and doesn't make friends easily. Plus her parents are overprotective to the point of smothering.

Yet, none of that compares to her problems after the mysterious and very alluring Z enters her life...

Wow. That was dark and totally messed up.

The writing style of this book grabs you instantly and doesn't let you go. Vic's voice is strong and strange as she confesses how her life changed after meeting the new kid in school to her boyfriend Andrew.

The confessional style of the narrative is SO addictive. Yet, I often got the sense that Vic was leaving out some very important details or straying off-course on purpose. It doesn't take long to realise that she's a very (very) unreliable narrator who makes you question every single thing she says and claims to have experienced. Yikes!

Z is such an intriguing character, but because we get to know him via Vic's totally obsessive eyes, there's only so much we can believe about him. Especially, when you consider the very cool interviews added at the beginning of each chapter, which often contradict Vic.

And the twist ending is definitely worth reading. It makes so much sense out of the way Vic's parents behave. And of course, throws everything you think you know about Vic's life into a tailspin.

I enjoyed the hell out of this super creepy and very twisty messed up story. It was fantastic!

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