Monday 20 July 2020

GRAVEYARD SMASH: Women of Horror Anthology Volume 2 is now available!

Back in January, I was lucky enough to be included in the first Women of Horror anthology released by Kandisha Press

Today, I'm very excited to announce that my short story, Love You to Death, appears in Volume 2...

Kandisha Press

Step through the prettiest cemetery gates you've ever seen and experience tombstone raves and widow's dances, Japanese snow-spirits, Aztec bruja and temple goddesses, vengeful ghosts, djinn and cannibals, vampire hunters, plague bearers, graverobbers, and terrors beyond reason.

Read through the night as the dead rise from boneyards all around the world! 

Featuring chilling tales from:

Christy Aldridge 
Carmen Baca 
Demi-Louise Blackburn 
R.A. Busby 
V. Castro 
Dawn DeBraal 
Ellie Douglas 
Tracy Fahey 
Dona Fox 
Cassidy Frost 
Michelle Renee Lane 
Beverley Lee 
J.A.W. McCarthy 
Catherine McCarthy 
Susan McCauley 
Ksenia Murray 
Ally Peirse 
Janine Pipe 
Lydia Prime 
Paula R.C. Readman 
Yolanda Sfetsos 
Sonora Taylor 

 Edited by Jill Girardi
With foreword by Doc Holocausto (Evilspeak Magazine, Harvest Ritual, Creepy Crawls)

With cover art by Jep Knulle and cover design by Ellie Douglas

 It's now available:
Kindle | Paperback | Kobo | NOOK | Apple

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