Tuesday 9 June 2020


The Straitjacket In The Woods (Short Sharp Shocks! Book 41)
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I enjoy reading stories from the Short Sharp Shocks! series because they're snappy tales I can read in one sitting. I also like how they all tackle a variety of horror subgenres.

After losing a game during Halloween, Abi and Jay end up deep in the forest that is supposed to be terrorised by the legendary Pendulous Sedge. They're there to collect a trophy, but end up finding so much more...

Yikes! This story is one violent and bloody trip down some very dark paths.

I was instantly hooked by what I thought would be a haunted forest story, and instead turned into one hell of a ride with an unexpected ending.

There's so much packed into this story. A scary forest: check. Creepy-crawlies: check. Cannibals: check. A crazed legend: check. Experimentation: check. Abusive asshole doctors: check. All of the above, plus so much more, rolled into one intriguing and macabre tale that goes where you don't expect it to go every step of the way.

If you're squeamish, this will definitely make you uncomfortable because it doesn't hold back. In any way. This story starts pretty calm and familar, and when you realise what's happening around you, it's too late because you're already too deep into all the strange.

As disturbing as so much of this story is--because trust me, it totally is--there's also a certain moving and uplifting quality about it. The message behind everything that happens, as well as where the characters end up, is quite nice. Do I dare say, charming? Not to mention that all the main characters are very likeable.

I had a great time reading this unpredictable story. 😈

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